The Resin Artist's Home Decor

Posted by Diamond Coat on Oct 19th 2017

The Resin Artist's Home Decor

Resin artists utilize vibrant resins to create pieces that grace many a home. At Diamond Coat we not only install countertops and floors (which are their own home decoration) we also dabble in creating one of a kind art pieces. While there are plenty of projects we share on our Facebook and Instagram, the artists we are featuring today are opening up new frontiers with their resin art!

Let’s meet a few resin artists! 

Greg Benz

Greg is located in London Ontario and is a Beal Art Graduate. He uses a blend of acrylics and resin to create his incredible abstract landscapes. Visit his website to see more of his work.

Frances Katz

Frances specializes in whimsical colors with her abstract resin art pieces. Her style falls into the fluid art and fluid painting realm. Her brilliant color palate and bold designs fit in well with a modern interior. She is a mother of two and a full time marketing director, we are amazed by all that she is creating!

Iveta Horvath

Iveta's fluid paintings have an organic appearance. She is based in the Napa Valley and looks to recreate moments that are often overlooked in her surroundings. Her peaceful Instagram account has many detail photos of her work that are mesmerizing.

Sofia Jogola

Sofia’s resin art is pure magic. The gentle lines and organic colors have become her signature. She uses a combination of inks, acrylic paints, and resin to create these one of a kind pieces. She is a self taught artist living in Edmonton, Alberta.

Renee Mendler

Renee’s unique style often reminds us of the inside of a geode. The colors, veins, and patterns she creates are so vibrant. She primarily creates her resin and acrylic pieces on wood. She is one prolific artist located in the Northern New York area.

Catherine Dennis

Catherine otherwise known as the ResinInista uses bold colors on unique surfaces. If you check out her Instagram make sure to find her video of her epoxy skull! Her bright colors and fluid appearance are created using acrylic and resin.

We are continuously amazed by what can be created using epoxy. It’s versatility makes it an excellent choice for the home decor of the modern and adventurous.