Spokane WA

Diamond Coat Spokane WA

Presented by Epic Epoxy

Phone Number: (509) 954-6570; ask for Rose Lodahl

Email: epicepoxyspokane@gmail.com

Address: 515 S Chronicle Rd., Spokane Valley, WA 99212

Epic Epoxy in Spokane offers unique upgrades for your home in flooring, countertops, accent walls,
shower surrounds, table tops and more—but with an incredible and beautiful twist. Using epoxy resin as
their medium, these epic artists can create stunning home upgrades that are functional and durable as
well as one-of-a-kind resin masterpieces!
Our expert artists can mimic other materials like marble, granite, wood grain or concrete, or can be used
to create stunning unique works of art on your floors, counters, or walls. Epoxy flooring is quickly
becoming a popular upgrade option and Epic Epoxy in Spokane is leading the way in handling this new
material with precision and artistry.
Dedicated to offering the highest level of customer service and exceptional art, we hire naturally
creative people who rise to the challenge of being an Epic artist! With strenuous training our artists are
unmatchable in quality of service and attention to details to create a unique experience working with
Epic Epoxy!
The functional resin art from Epic Epoxy in Spokane is right on trend for homes, offices and businesses!
Visit our website at www.epicepoxyspokane.com to see some of the projects completed and imagine
the possibilities!

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