Diamond Coat is revolutionary system that can be applied directly over your old countertops. What our customers love about Diamond Coat is the seamless, heat resistant, and scratch resistant surface that can be compared to granite. Diamond Coat is eco friendly, installers will not need to wear masks and you will be able to eat directly off the surface. Your countertop will be chemical resistant and non porous which means cleaning will be very easy.


Durable and classy flooring does not have to cost a fortune.  Diamond coat flooring product is up to 10 times thicker than any other epoxy on the market. This 100% solids product will not fade or easily scratch, and can be poured over an outdated floor. Weather its a simple garage or a long lasting kitchen, our installers can find the right product for you. Diamond Coat is the most appealing and affordable way to finish a floor.


A quick yet beautiful way to finish a shower or bath surround with a customized epoxy design. The seamless and non porous surface will make cleaning unbelievably easy.     


The only long term fix to spalling and damaged concrete, SuperTraxx is an innovative sand coating system that is taking over the market. This seamless coating will fill fractures, expansion joints and saw cuts in concrete. Because Super Traxx is chemical resistant, it is durable enough to withstand the application of salt and other snow removal chemicals. Your driveway or patio will be strong enough to withstand the effects of extreme weather variables.