Are Epoxy Floors Right For Your Home?

Posted by Diamond Coat on Oct 13th 2017

Are Epoxy Floors Right For Your Home?

Are epoxy floors right for your needs? To discover if this flooring is the right fit for you must understand what it’s qualities are and how they fit into a home. However, while the characteristics of epoxy might fit your needs, many people don’t believe the aesthetic of the epoxy will. While many believe that epoxy and resin flooring belong to the modern look, there are epoxy floors available that evoke classical, farmhouse, and traditional appearances. Let’s explore what makes epoxy a good fit for so many homeowners and how you can customize it to your home!

Epoxy is an extremely durable flooring material. Traditionally epoxy has been used in the garage and has only recently been introduced into the home. Diamond Coat has worked to develop a variety of floors that are beautiful and functional.

Diamond Coat’s epoxy is stain, UV, and scratch resistant. These characteristics make epoxy excellent for the kitchen and dining room for the entertainer and in high traffic areas in a busy home.The hypoallergenic properties of epoxy are such that it is a non-porous substance. Accidents don’t soak in, and they are a quick clean. This flooring is wonderful for pets because of the easy clean nature as well as the scratch resistance. For nurseries and playrooms the hypoallergenic, easy clean surface makes epoxy an excellent solution as well.

With all of the benefits of epoxy, a common concern is that it will appear too “industrial”. While some people use a solid epoxy color to evoke a modern feel, it can also serve as an unusual way to incorporate bold colors into the room. You can customize the color depending upon your needs.

A solid white, gray, or other neutral color will create a Scandinavian, classic, or modern appearance.

Another option is to go bold with a blue, red, or yellow, to add interest to your room.

For a natural stone look, we have created techniques that mimic soapstone, slate, marble, and granite. This high end epoxy is exquisite in the home, and it comes with the appearance of high end tile without the grout lines to maintain.

Another option is to create bold and new flooring appearances. One example would be our copper flooring in the Diamond Coat showroom. The bright metallic swirls are eye-catching and unique to epoxy floors. Or you can create a 3D effect in rooms of the house by layering images or designs underneath the epoxy.

Whatever you decide. Epoxy can be used throughout the home to serve your needs while making a statement. To discuss what an epoxy floor can do for you, email us at or call one of our installers at 970.628.1846.