Become a Dealer

Diamond Coat's step-by-step training program provides the
resources for our dealers to build a sustainable company.

Why Own a Diamond Coat Dealership

What is the ideal career to you? For us, it’s being proud of what we do. Having a flexible schedule and being able to creatively come up with ideas. Seeing growth in our own business and of course being able to work with an honest, reliable team. If this sounds like the kind of career path you have always wanted, becoming a Diamond Coat Dealer is the right choice for you. 

Owning a Diamond Coat Dealership allows you to go into business for yourself, but not by yourself. You can have the excitement of building a company that you have created with the comfort of a dependable team you can always count on when you have questions. Our main priority is to help our dealers become successful and keep their customer’s happy. 

 What kind of products am I installing?

Here at Diamond Coat, we take pride in our products because after extensive testing we know that they are the best on the market. We are consistently developing new products or improving our existing ones. 

Our Diamond Epoxy has amazing benefits that your customers will love. Some of these include temperature resistance, durability, UV resistance, and customization. To learn more about all the amazing benefits of this product, check out our website: Our product is a niche and stands out against all other kinds of resurfacing products making competition minimal to none. Customers are amazed at all the benefits that Diamond Coat products can give them, while still looking beautiful and natural. 

What kind of support can I expect
from Diamond Coat?

We want to provide the best quality support to our dealers even when your training is complete. We realize that after the training you will probably still have many questions. We are here to answer any and all of those questions, as well as help you through the process of building your business.

We offer four day workshops twice a month so that you can professionally install our products. If you are unable to attend our training in Grand Junction, CO we are happy to quote you the cost of having an instructor come to your facility. At either training you will be installing all of our products and getting in depth hands on experience with the entire Diamond Coat Epoxy line. 

Along with going over installing all of our products and getting in depth hands on training, this training will go over Diamond Coat business and marketing. This includes information on home show set up and selling product to installers in your area. 

What kind of investment am
I making as a dealer? 

Set up costs will vary. Please contact Diamond Coat to discuss set up fees and how much product needs to be stocked. We do require all dealers to own a public showroom and display their product at a home show. This can be as basic as having a stand in your local mall. 

Become a dealer for Diamond Coat