Meet the 2017 Diamond Coat Dealers Part Two

by Diamond Coat

This Thanksgiving, we are most thankful for our team of Diamond Coat Dealers. Our global locations are operated by installers that were trained at our Colorado headquarters. Each of these talented installers have extensive experience with home and business remodels. These are our extremely talented 2017 Diamond Coat Dealers:

This is a two part series, to learn about the rest of our dealers read part one.

Diamond Coat Birmingham Alabama & Diamond Coat Destin FL


Luis Rodriguez operates Diamond Coat Birmingham Alabama and Destin Florida. This Diamond Coat dealership services Florida and Alabama with epoxy finishes. Their floors, countertops, and shower walls are all created with quality work that their customers cannot stop talking about. During each installation, their goal is to give their customers a "wow" reaction once they finish. 

Diamond Coat of Lubbock TX


Travis Pharr operates Diamond Coat of Lubbock Texas which services the southern Texas area. They are a family-owned business serving the South Plains. Not only do they specialize in Diamond Coat countertops and flooring, they also provide stained concrete, polished concrete, flake flooring and reglazing. Their attention to detail and professionalism give each of their installations a beautiful finish. 

Diamond Coat of the San Juans


One of our newest Dealers is Diamond Coat of the San Juans operated by Kristen Wing. She services the San Juan region of Colorado including Telluride, Montrose, and Durango. This family business creates stunning countertops and floors. We are excited to see what they create in the years to come!

Diamond Coat Reno NV


Diamond Coat Reno is operated by Verna and Tim. They service the Reno and Carson City area of Nevada with their stunning countertops, floors, and epoxy walls. Their experienced team works to transform their customers homes and businesses into durable works of art.

Diamond Coat Winnipeg MB Canada

Diamond Coat of Winnipeg is operated by Amanda, her installers have a combined 40 years of construction experience. Their professionalism is thanks to their decades of experience. They customize each Diamond Coat countertop, floor, and wall to the customers needs by involving them in each step of their process. They are one of our new Dealers and we are excited to see more of their work in the near future.

Diamond Coat Youngstown OH


Diamond Coat Youngstown is operated by Nick Vanoverbeke, his team of installers services the Northeastern Ohio area. With their decades of experience with home and business remodels they approach each new project with professionalism and creativity.

Looking back at all of our incredible Dealers that were with us for the 2017 year, we are so thankful for their hard work and dedication to excellent service to their customers. We look forward to seeing who joins us the team in 2018!